We are a group of young New Zealanders passionate about helping young people believe in the possibilities of tomorrow.


Our story

There’s a whole world out there telling you to live for the moment, to think only of now. But sometimes today can be really hard and you’re just struggling to get through.

Live For Tomorrow began as a response to these days.
The days when we need to be reminded –

this is just the beginning,
your first few chapters,
that there’s much more to be written,
a whole lot of future waiting to be discovered.

The days to remember –

you are not the only one,
you are not alone,
and your story isn’t over…

Who are we?

Live For Tomorrow is a project by the New Zealand youth organisation Zeal. We are passionate about reaching struggling young people with messages of hope and positive change, right where they spend most of their time: online and in school. Whether it’s mental health, identity, bullying, self-harm, alcohol use, suicide or something else, we are here and we care.

Why the ellipsis?

(yup, that’s what you call the three dots)

“The ellipsis is a punctuation mark, one of continuance. It means ‘to be continued’; that there is more to come. It makes you think about what is yet to happen in your life, what could happen tomorrow; everything you have yet to see, experience. Your story isn’t finished yet, and you won’t know what could come if you’re not here to see it. To see what’s after your ellipsis, you have to Live for Tomorrow…” – Grace King, 17 (Member of the Zeal Social Marketing Collective)

Download the ellipsis and make it your own. Hashtag #LiveForTomorrow so we (and the world) can see.

Our supporters

Thanks to all those that have supported and continue to support us, including…

• Ministry of Social Development
• Health Promotion Agency
• Auckland Communities Foundation & The Ballantynes
• Curative
• Smashproof, Pieter T & his team at Kog & Integrity
• Chris Graham and goodLife films
• Cam Bisley (CB Media Innovations)
•  You!